LEGO® Education Announces 2013 LEGO Education Advisory Panel (LEAP) Members

18 March 13 08:00


Top educators influence LEGO Education product development to create better learning environments for students

WHAT: Fifty educators from across the United States and Canada were selected by LEGO® Education to join the 2013 LEGO Education Advisory Panel (LEAP) and provide product feedback to the LEGO Education Innovation and Marketing teams.

WHY: These 50 educators will collaborate with LEGO Education to develop classroom solutions and curriculum that elevate products within humanities and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts and 21st-century learning skills. LEAP members have an opportunity to be very influential on product development and design. These select teachers offer insight and years of classroom knowledge that will help LEGO Education create better classroom solutions. Additional LEAP membership privileges include speaking engagements at LEGO Education conferences, symposiums, and workshops as well as sharing student and classroom success stories through social media.

WHO: Selected 2013 LEAP members include seven preschool, 15 elementary, 11 middle school, seven high school, and 10 university educators. LEAP 2013 consists of 28 educators held over from last year’s panel and 22 teachers who joined this year.

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Middle School

High School


Cheryl Benveniste

Lynne Boucher

Jon Bishop

Tony Bertucci

Dr. Adam Carberry

Sharon Dudley

Sue Brokmeier

Matt Ceretto

Matthew Collier

Dr. Alexander Chizhik

Dana Gibbons

Beth Brubaker

Tom Dubick

Kevin English

Dr. Shirley Disseler

Karen Greer

Tim Burns

Nancy Foote

James Jones

Dr. Frank Klassner

Cindy Johnson

Holly Doe

Caroline Hanson

Eileen Malick

Dr. Deborah McAllister

Becky Myers

Jennifer Flood

Paul Keeney

Joey Marcotte

Brook Osborne

Jill VanWey

Erin Hardy

Aaron Maurer

Norman Morgan

Amy Leigh Rogers

John Heffernan

Mark McCombs

Dr. Ben Schafer

Jason Kyle

Ian Chow-Miller

Dr. Padmanabhan Seshaiyer

Mary Meadows

Alain Pilon

Dr. Terri Varnado

Breigh Rhodes

Peggy Reimers

Emily Weerts

Kelly Wilson

Marilyn Miracle Williams

Christine Zaremba

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